At Legal Alliance Network we give guidance on a variety of homeowner retention programs that differ in relation to the benefit and service provided.

Our team of skilled counselors can help review the various programs to identify which is most appropriate for you and your family. Also, we check your personal circumstances to make sure you are able to match the eligibility requirements of the different federal programs. With the guidance of our experts you should soon find the most suitable program that matches the needs and you are fully qualified for.

We aim to provide an in-depth service that has the ability to guide you through the entire process of preventing a future foreclosure or the process of defaulting. Even though it is necessary to ask about the personal finances, our counselors try to avoid being too intrusive and only request information that is relevant to potentially save your home.

Also, the foreclosure process can vary from one state to the next which can further complicate matters. This is likely to have relevance if your state uses deeds of trust or mortgages for the property purchase.

Don't leave things too late. Getting in touch early means you get the most decisive and meaningful action to minimize the risk of having to file for bankruptcy or being asked to pay a high sum in an effort to get the home loan reinstated.