About Us

Our team at Legal Alliance Network is ready to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in an effort to stop the foreclosure and eviction process. Over the years we have gained a solid reputation for assisting homeowners and letting them know their rights in the troubled real estate market.

There are literally millions of homeowners in the US that are experiencing difficulties with their monthly mortgage obligations. Many of those late with payments aren't aware of the many different programs set up by the government in an effort to keep families in their homes.

At Legal Alliance Network we have the expert knowledge to guide homeowners on the right course of action to avoid the potential loss of their home. With many years of experience in the industry, we are satisfied that our company can give the most reliable service to help stop a future foreclosure. Any delay in the bank's actions gives time to apply for a loan modification or short sale.

The simplest practice to halt a foreclosure is to request to modify the mortgage. If applying for a mortgage modification, you will need to convince the bank to renegotiate the mortgage terms to make the monthly payments easier to pay.

A mortgage modification can include several things, including:

The loan principal is reduced
The loan interest rate is changed or reduced
The penalties or late fees are eliminated or reduced
The monthly payment is reduced

Also, there is the option to request forbearance which is to extend the time-frame for making payments or temporarily stop payments.

In the process of providing our counseling service, we will need to know certain information related to your personal finances to ensure the most fitting guidance is given to match the circumstances. Whether you hope to challenge an existing foreclosure action or strategically default, there are wide-ranging options that can help in retaining the family home.

Our skilled counselors at the Legal Alliance Network have been able to stop the foreclosure process for many homeowners. However, this is still subject to your satisfying certain Federal eligibility requirements in order to be accepted for a government funded program. Our consultation is 100% free to make sure you first comply with these requirements.